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HUGE: One of psychic’s bizarre predictions for 2022 has already come true

Do you remember Baba Vanga? This clairvoyant, who died in 1996, left behind a number of predictions for each year to come (even up to the year 5079) when she was still alive. She also had a few for 2022 and one of them seems to have come true. 

By way of introduction (for those who don’t already know Baba Vanga): This psychic was born Vangelis Gushterov and is said to have lost her sight at age 12 during an unseasonably large storm. She has managed to gather a sizeable group of followers during her lifetime and after her death. Her predictions have proved correct more than once. Think of the death of Princess Diana, 9/11 and the presidency of Barack Obama.

What has Baba Vanga predicted for 2022?

For starters, she predicted that both Australia and Asia would suffer from severe flooding. Something that, certainly ‘down under’ has already happened regularly this year, but still this is not the most bizarre prediction that has already come true.


So the clairvoyant has also predicted the unprecedented drought in large parts of Europe. This is quite accurate, because both the Netherlands, England, Portugal and other parts of Europe are suffering from the water shortage. In Portugal and Italy there is even talk of ‘the worst drought since the 1950s’.

Two out of six

These are only two of the six predictions that Baba Vanga has made for the year 2022. We can get wet, because she also predicted the advance of a deadly virus from Siberia, an alien invasion and a sharp increase in the use of Virtual Reality. Baba Vanga has now been correct in 85 percent of all her predictions. One advantage: the world would not officially end until the year 5079. This gives us a little more breathing room after the predictions from earlier.

Source: Wionnews

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